Dredges are a staple piece of equipment for many of the world’s top tournament captains. They work as sub-surface teasers similar to umbrella rigs, minus the hooks. Rigged dredges also work extremely well when run in tandem creating a more lifelike bait ball. Offshore Innovations’ C-Ti* and Ti Dredges are sold unrigged for those individuals who prefer to rig their own dredges. 

*Patent # 7,412,795


C-Ti Dredges* are the front runner of new dredge technology. The biggest problem with dredge fishing is “Where to store them when not in use”? Offshore Innovations C-Ti dredges have finally solved this problem. The Unique patented low profile design constructed with the highest grade of materials available and allows for simple operation. The collapsible feature uses a simple “spindle system” and one locking cap. There are no tools needed and no loose parts to lose or fall overboard. What’s more, C-Ti dredges incorporate titanium bars which allow for a minimum of memory in the bars yet still allow for life like flex to the baits. Deploying from the “storage position” to the “fishing position” takes less than 3 sec. Dredges come in 6 arm configurations and range from 18”- 36”. Available with and w/out drops attached. 


Ti Dredge Teasers (Unrigged) – OUT OF STOCK

Ti Dredges are the precursor to the more convenient C-Ti Dredge. The Ti Dredges have a fixed arm hub and are constructed of high grade stainless steel. Each Ti dredge also incorporates titanium bars, which allow for a minimum of memory in the bars and allow for lifelike flex to the baits. The only difference it is a fixed arm model, for those where storage is not an issue. Dredges come in a 6 arm configuration and range from 24”-36”. Available with and w/out drops attached.


  • FDR-6-24- Fixed 6 Arm Dredge 24"
  • FDR-6-36- Fixed 6 Arm Dredge 36"

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