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"Excellence"Is the result of caring more than others think wise, risking more than others think is safe, dreaming more than others think is practical, and expecting more than others think possible...


"Innovation"- The best way to predict the future...is to create it...by acting on a good idea...and not just having one...


Offshore Innovations’ was born of necessity. Necessity to find better methods and equipment, to do the things we do. To make inferior products superior, to make the gear we use everyday catch more fish, to eliminate unnecessary gear failure, and to land bigger fish safer and faster. All of Offshore Innovations’ products are prototyped and tested by some of the finest fishermen in the country. Each and every product we sell has unique features that set us above and beyond the competition, not because we are good businessmen, but because we are true fishermen.


We are proud of our products and the developments we have made, and will continue in our quest of creating the finest Big Game tackle available. Offshore Innovations is not only a business but a lifelong passion to be the best we can be. Our goals are to bring quality, consistency, and price to each and every big game fisherman worldwide and always be in the pursuit of “Excellence and Innovation”.


Capt. Kevin Glynn
Kevin was a native of Dorchester, Massachusetts, and grew up fishing the waters around Cape Cod and New England. From the time Kevin was 12 yrs. old, he spent the majority of his summers living in Falmouth, MA working as a mate on locally based sport fishing charter boats. Kevin earned his 100 ton captains license at the age of 18 yrs. He earned bachelor degrees in Marine Affairs and Fisheries Management from the University of Rhode Island in 1999. Kevin then set his sights on Florida and more year round employment fishing the waters of south Florida and the Bahamas. Taking the helm of a 61 Viking at the age of 23, he was thrust into the competitive world of big game tournament fishing. He has fished the waters from Gloucester, Ma. to the Caribbean. During his 14-year career he won and placed in a wide variety of major sport fishing events. Kevin thrived on the competitive nature of our sport and set goals above and beyond what some may think possible and determined to achieve them. In 2006, Kevin founded Offshore Innovations, a tackle company which creates and distributes cutting edge products which help to connect people to fish. His company has grown substantially over the past few years, and is known as one of the more reputable tackle entities in the sport fishing community. In 2014 Kevin passed away after a short battle with colon cancer. His wife Rachel decided to keep Offshore Innovations going with the intention  of keeping Kevin's legacy alive and continuing to offer some of the best offshore fishing tackle in the industry. 

Notable Catches

  • 50 Giant Blufin Tuna over 400lbs. (largest 930lbs.)
  • Largest Swordfish - 349lbs.
  • Largest Mako - 411lbs.
  • Northeast IGFA Grand Slam - (Blue Marlin, White Marlin, Swordfish)
  • 1st place Release Boat- Bahamas Billfish Championship (Overall) 2001
  • 1st place Falmouth Offshore Grand Prix 2001
  • 1st place Falmouth Offshore Grand Prix 1997
  • 1st place Cuttyhunk Invitational Tournament 2005
  • 1st place Sharks Landing Shoot-Out 1998
  • 1st place Oak Bluffs Monster Shark Tournament 2000
  • 1st place - Mako Shark Division Oak Bluffs Monster Shark Tournament
  • 2nd place Bahamas Billfish Championship- S. Abaco 2001
  • 2nd place Guy Harvey Billfish Challenge 2001
  • 2nd Place - Overall Points Hyannis Anglers Club- Giant Tournament 2004
  • 2nd Place Big Game Battle-Nantucket- 2011
  • 3rd place Falmouth Monster Shark Tournament 2000
  • 3rd Place Hyannis Angler's Club- Giant Bluefin Tournament 2007
  • 3rd Place Tri-State Invitational Tournament 2007
  • 4th place Nantucket Billfish Tournament 2000
  • 4th Largest Fish Hyannis Anglers Club Giant Bluefin Tournament 2004
  • 4th Place Hyannis Angler's Club- Bluewater Invitational 2007
  • 4th place Nantucket Billfish Tournament 2000

Rachel Pilla Glynn
Rachel grew up in the coastal town of Duxbury, MA where she developed a love of the ocean at an early age. She met Kevin Glynn during a chance encounter at the 2002 Oak Bluffs Monster Shark Tournament. Rachel received her education in sport fishing and tackle manufacturing from Kevin over the course of their 12 years together, preparing her for her current role as President and Owner of Offshore Innovations and POON Harpoons. She is proud to be able to keep Kevin's legacy alive and continue his vision by running the business he worked so hard to build. It is Rachel's mission to maintain the company's reputation for quality and performance with the goal of growing the business to solidify it as the #1 leader in the industry for harpoons and dredges.

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